A Quick Guide on How to Bet on Survivor: Blood v Water

Betting on Survivor has just gotten more interesting.

Attention to all couch-based Survivor veterans, watching night after night, making predictions for the upcoming challenges, alliances, and idol locations – we have great news for you!

You can finally take part in your own Survivor challenge, and the best news – you don’t even have to leave the couch.

Buddybet is a ‘world first’ social betting app that allows users to challenge their friends on the outcomes of almost anything. Yep, that means all those predictions you make while watching the show, can finally be publicly acknowledged as bloody brilliant! (No longer will your predictions fall on deaf-cat-ears).

How to bet on Survivor

 You may be thinking, this is all well and good, but how do I bet on a show like Survivor? With Buddybet it’s easy.

Do you often find yourself making predictions on any of the following?

  • Which contestant will “injure” themselves and quit the show?
  • Which team will win the next reward challenge?
  • Who will find the next hidden immunity idol?
  • Who will be blindsided at tribal council?

You can easily convert these predictions into bets on Buddybet – where funny, quirky and entertaining bets find a home.

Just follow these 3 easy steps and you will be as much an expert on creating bets as you are on all things Survivor!

Step one: Identify your Survivor bet

Whether it’s the contestants you love to study, or the challenges you can’t get enough of – whatever your poison, pick a Survivor bet.

If you’re stuck for ideas, here are a few examples:

  • Red will win immunity
  • Josh and Jordan will be split and one of the two voted out
  • Shay will make it further in the game than her partner Ben

Or if those are a too basic, here are some more quirky options for bets:

  • Sunday night’s tribal council will be another twist vote
  • Jonathan will wear a colour other than blue tonight
  • Ben will throw the immunity challenge and force Blue to go to Tribal

Step two: Create your Survivor bet

Simply jump onto the Buddybet app to create your bet. You can choose from a cash bet or a non-monetary handshake bet!

You can either bet against a buddy or put your bet out as an open bet for someone in the buddy-sphere to accept.

Step 3: Give yourself a pat on the back

 Congratulations, you’ve done it! Now all that’s left to do is sit back, watch Survivor, and plan your victory dance. You can catch up on the latest episode here.

So, next time you find yourself calling out to your partner ‘there’s no way Chrissy will stumble on a THIRD hidden idol clue’ – Buddybet it!

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Author: Allan Peterson